BebUp Stand

BebUp is a practical stand that allows you to place a carrycot on an additional elevation. It’s an excellent solution that will work well in everyday indoor usage – whenever you want to place the detached carrycot stably and safely while ensuring convenient access to it.

Thanks to the ability to fold the stand down to compact dimensions, BebUp is also perfect for travel. The product can be an interesting alternative to a traditional travel crib during trips.

Turn your carrycot into a practical crib with BebUp!

With the BebUp stand, you can transform your Bebetto carrycot into a comfortable portable crib for your child. It’s also an incredibly useful product that can serve as a practical stand for the carrycot in your hallway, making it easier to get ready for strolling – as well as for coming back from both small and big journeys.

This product is designed for H20-type carrycots from Bebetto, including the Pascal and Nico models.