Changing bag

A changing bag is one of the most important equipment elements for a stroller. It must be capacious and at the same time it has to have a convenient access to the essentials for the care of the child. Choose your favorite collection – T2 are bags made of fabric, and T3 is a collection made of eco-leather. Which one do you like the most?

Changing bag:

  • allows you to have all the essentials within reach
  • is widely openable – so it provides easy access to the accessories inside
  • has side compartments – perfect for a bottle or napkins
  • is available in many attractive colors
  • can be hang on the stroller frame or on your shoulder






Technical data

Torba T2 – A:27, B:32, C:45, D:14

Torba T3 – A:29, B:30, C:33, D:12

Torba T5 – A:36, B:44, C:50, D:10

Changing pad

Soft portable changing pad makes it easy to quickly change your baby on a walk or during travel. You can easily fold it to a small size, so you can always have it within reach (for example – in a changing bag).

The changing pad is covered with a waterproof material, which is extremely easy to clean. At the same time it allows you to protect the surface of the furniture from stains and wet while changing a diaper. The oilcloth used in a changing pad has no harmful substances and is safe for the baby’s skin. Pad is really durable thanks to the solid hemming.

Changing pad has a soft filling, so it can be used on a hard surface – not causing discomfort for the baby. The Bebetto changing pad dimensions are 59×43 cm, therefore it is convenient not only for a newborn, but also for toddlers.

Tourist changing pad:

  • is portable so you can easily put in your bag,
  • is very easy to clean,
  • is soft and safe for the baby.

The bag handles

Do you want to take your purse with you for a short walk with your child but… you have nowhere to hang it? Thanks to the Bebetto bag handles it is no longer a problem!

Not every walk with a child requires a fully packed changing pad. For shorter walks with a toddler, a small handbag with the most necessary things will be enough. Thanks to the bag handles you can hang the purse conveniently on the stroller’s handle.

The bag handles consist of two eco-leather straps with clip hooks, that allow you to attach any bag easily. The handles have hook and loop fasteners, so you can conveniently hang them on the handle of the stroller and adjust their spacing to the dimensions of the bag.

Handbag handles:

  • allow the bag to be hung on the stroller’s frame
  • are finished with clip hooks, that allows you to attach almost any purse
  • are made of elegant black eco-leather