Bebetto pushchair

PPH ARO KARON Sp.J.- Pushchair producer Częstochowa.

On our offer are universal pushchairs, prams and strollers. Our production based on latest European standards. Universal prams 3 in 1 series and 8 in 1 series. Universal prams offer: 3 in 1 series- Magnum, Solaris; 8 in 1 series: Vulcano, Holland, Expander. Pram Expander P2LC3R/PRAM type. Variable function: Tiger, Super Kid, Explorer. And lightweight, aluminium stroller Magelan.

Our products characterise modern, aluminium frames. Wide choice of colours let you find pram the best for you. Our pushchairs are compatible with car seats range of 0-13 kg.

BEBETTO pushchairs- product of Poland

Our Company established, as a pushchair producer ARO in 1994. At this moment Bebetto brand is one of three production lines started in 2005.Bebetto pushchairs got " Sa powody do dumy" prize. Universal prams, pushchair, strollers, variable function prams, production based on latest safety standards and are available in several European countries.

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